Single And Multiple Implants.

single dental implants and multiple

Dental implants come in two kinds of forms. You can have a single implant procedure which is used when patients only require the replacement of one tooth, or multiple when more than one tooth is in need of replacement. As far as worth for money, multiple implants are more money sufficient as you get your money’s worth. Where as single implants can be deemed quite expensive for just the one tooth.

Single dental implants:

The whole treatment for dental implants is set up into stages. Each stage has their individual fee so it is hard to pinpoint an overall price for your procedure. Firstly you will require a dental assessment of your mouth to discover the stability of your mouth and if you’re ready to undergo surgery or if you’ll require bone grafting. This assessment is free so will not effect the cost of your implant.

Following assessment you will take part in an implant report. This stage of your treatment will include models of your jaw, pictures and prototypes of what your results should look like and further investigation done by the dental clinic doctors. They will see what they will be working will and could take your sample of you require bone grafting. This stage could cost up to £150 and is a vital stage of your treatment.

Next you will have a low dose dental CT scan to determine either, where your implants will go or measure what teeth your implants need to fit into when you bite down. The scan itself will cost around £150 also as it will tell the dental tech notions what size they will need to measure your prosthetic to and tell the surgeons where it needs to be placed in your jaw.

Then is where it gets interesting. Your actual implant fixture surgery will cost around £900. This cost is for a single tooth implant. The titanium rod will be fixed to your jaw bone at this part of the surgery and the left to fuse properly with the bone.

Finally the root will be topped with the abutment and crown, finishing your treatment. This fixture will cost an additional £900 and then your treatment is finished. All of these costs are for a single implant only.

Multiple dental implants:

Although single implants can cost up to £2300 in total, full mouth restorations work out cheaper per tooth. The price range is huge, from £25000 to £96000. If you Trekker doesn’t include insurance then you can expect a series of external expenses on top of these prices for things such as care credit.

The prices range so widely because there are many factors that can effect price. Bone grafting for example can add a few grand to your treatment as it requires a lot of attention from dental technicians and time in a laboratory. Where your teeth need to be placed as well can alter the price of your treatment. If your roots aren’t straight or are difficult to work with then the dentist will need to take extra care as your nerves might be harder to avoid.

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